Thursday, January 16, 2014

Red alert! (by Kurtis Bush)

Today, I am wearing my favorite color, red. Red is such an awesome color. Red is often depicted as a warm, powerful, loving, demanding, and flirtatious color. (We will come back to the flirtatious thing later, LOL!) It is also the color of passion, aggression, and anger. Red has always been my color of choice since I was a child. My room is painted red, my laptop is red, I love strawberries…just anything red!

I have always been a passionate person. My passion can sometimes cause me to be overly aggressive. I am working on that. I am very passionate about working with my mentee, Darnell. I have this natural calling to want to help people, especially children and youth. I often like to think that my life is shaping me to be a person who loves to help. It can be bittersweet at times, but it is my destiny.

I tell Darnell that around his age (he’s 17 years old) it is time to start thinking about your passion if you have not already. To exist is one thing, but to live with passion and power is a whole ‘nother feeling! I actually want to spend this year helping Darnell find his passion. Not only help him find it, but I also want to help him manifest it so that it will benefit him and others. I think he has an idea of what he’s passionate about, but he is not yet certain of it.

It is common nowadays for youth to be focused on ideas that will bring them riches and fame. While that may work for some, I ask Darnell, “What if your passion does not bring those things? Will you still pursue it?” Many teens today have this “get famous and rich” mentality, but forget that all that glitters isn’t gold. I need to consistently remind Darnell, myself, and my friends that if you are doing something you love, it is not work—it is your passion.  

Now a quick word on the flirting thing. I’ve noticed how Darnell interacts with girls his age. I sometimes forget he is a teenager! Since he is not far from leaving the teenage years and becoming a young adult, I began to talk with him about how to appropriately talk to and compliment a young lady. Of course I kept the conversation very healthy and professional. Again, we will work together as a team to further manifest our passions in positive ways.

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  1. This is brilliant! Are you sure you're an undergrad student? I'm 50, and you've sparked a fire in me to follow your lead and mentor. God Bless You and your wonderful work!