Friday, January 24, 2014

Comfort zone (by Kurtis Bush)

Today on this cold day, I dressed like the weather and wore the color gray. A lot of the time my color choice matches the weather. I am a very earthy and natural being. Gray is associated with a lack of emotion, conservative, drab, and boring.

Although the sun is shining, for the past month or so, we have been having drab weather. Being conservative and boring is not necessarily bad, but let’s remember, youth, that these characteristics shouldn’t interfere with our productivity! A thing Darnell and I are doing is listening for opportunities to emerge out of our comfort zone. This is the zone where we’re content with what life is giving us.

A lot of people are in that zone, but so much can be accomplished when you reach out of it. Everyone should work on reaching out of their comfort zone. You would be surprised how much you learn about yourself and accomplish. Many successful people (not just those who are successful money-wise) have taken big chances in reaching out of their comfort level. When you’re comfortable, you’re gray—boring—uninterested—content—emotionless, in regards to life and your goals. There is so much to see out there!

I know I have missed much because of stubbornly being stuck in my comfort zone. I reached out of it last year in 2013, and my first step was with YES!Atlanta! Following my decision to step outside my comfort zone and join YES!Atlanta, my opportunities skyrocketed. I have met so many wonderful people, engaged in wonderful activities, helped the community, and touched lives that I never imagined I’d touch! So get uncomfortable! Get out of the Zone! Stop being GRAY!

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