Friday, January 17, 2014

Down to Earth with my menTREE (by Kurtis Bush)

Today I wore the color brown. Brown is a nice fall/autumn color and pretty much goes with anything.  It is depicted as very down to earth, structured and secure, and the color of material wealth. I find this interesting because most of my personality traits match the depiction of the color brown.

In regards to mentoring, I’ve definitely shared with Darnell how important it is to establish security in your life. Establishing a firm foundation is key to success. Some of the thinnest trees can withstand powerful storms because they are anchored and grounded firmly. Same goes for us. Life is going to throw obstacles at you. It is important to keep grounded. Even if you get knocked down, it is imperative that you do not stay down. Even though a tree falls down and never gets back up, its decaying body still provides nourishment for other trees to sprout and grow. I encourage Darnell to never give up. (Except eating fast food :-(. Give up on that. As much as I love McDonald’s® fries, I have to say no to what’s not good for me.)

I find trees to be fascinating figures of life. They are the color brown (physically and symbolically). Hyperion is name of the tallest tree in the world—a coast redwood measuring 379 feet! To think this gigantic vegetative organism started from a tiny seed. It secured its position by growing roots deeeeeeep deeeeeeeeeeep below the soil. It could not grow as tall as it does without a secure foundation. The structure of the tree allows it to rise and aim for the stars, then branch out and produce wealth (leaves, animal habitat, etc).

That’s how we should look at life. I often nag Darnell about building something great now, so that it will blossom in due time. His future is very much linked to his past and present, much like the tree’s. He will go through storms, sway back and forth, experience frigid winters and blazing summers, but if he continues to anchor himself deeeeeeeeeeeep in the ground, then he will sprout UP and OUT!

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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